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Salivary Test 5 Drugs - Made in France - TODA PHARMA

Salivary Test 5 Drugs - Made in France - TODA PHARMA

Benefits of the TODA Pharma Drugdiag Saliva 5 drugs® saliva test

Accuracy and reliability

  • Obtain fast and reliable results with our professional quality ISO 13485 rapid 5-drug saliva test meeting CE standard requirements. Our tests are manufactured in France in the TODA Pharma laboratories in Strasbourg (67) .

Multi-drug detection

  • This advanced test is specifically designed to detect THC , MDMA , cocaine (COC) , opiates (OPI) , and amphetamines (AMPH) in the body in just minutes with an unmatched accuracy threshold of 96%.
  • Trusted by healthcare professionals, pharmacies, governments and law enforcement, our test has demonstrated reliability in clinical studies.

Certified and approved by the authorities

  • With a detection threshold comparable to those used by law enforcement, including the Gendarmerie and the Police , this tool becomes essential for assessing your ability to drive safely.
  • These saliva self-tests have a detection threshold similar to the saliva tests used by law enforcement (gendarmerie and police) and comply with article 3 of the Order of December 13, 2016 setting out the methods for screening substances testifying to the use of narcotics.

Safety and prevention

  • These saliva self-tests can also be useful in preventing the risks of chemical submission by determining whether the user has unintentionally consumed a drug, thus providing an additional measure of safety and assault prevention.

Ease of use

  • The included details and instructions for use simplify the use of our self-test, ensuring complete peace of mind for users. Test yourself at home or on the go in just a few minutes.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • With our satisfaction guarantee, you can buy with confidence. Try it today and find out why our customers trust our saliva test.

Direct sale

  • By purchasing directly from AMA Prévention, you benefit from immediate access to our drug testing products, without going through intermediaries. This direct sale guarantees competitive prices and constant availability of our high quality tests.

These benefits make the TODA Pharma Drugdiag Saliva 5 drugs® saliva test a premier testing solution for accurate, rapid and convenient drug detection, whether for personal or professional needs.

  • 100% secure payment
  • Delivered to your home in 48/72 hours
  • Best quality price report

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Test yourself before you get tested

Very simple to use

Can be done at home

Results in 5 minutes

Up to 96% reliability

Made in France

The Toda Pharma Laboratory

The TODA PHARMA Drugdiag® saliva drug testing range allows you to perform your saliva drug testing in just 1 step, as well as easily obtain and analyze the results in just 3 minutes using an interpretation procedure directly indicated on the test. This ease of use and the speed of results allow you to save time and make your screenings more efficient.

In the video below, you will find all the instructions for carrying out a TODA Pharma Drugdiag® saliva drug screening test yourself which will give you, in a few minutes, the level of substances contained in your saliva.


Speed ​​of Results

Get results in minutes, enabling early detection and immediate actions.

Non invasive

Convenience assured with saliva samples, making administration easier compared to other methods.

Ease of use

Maximum simplicity, accessible without medical personnel, adaptable to home or professional environments.

Short Term Detection

Notable effectiveness for accurate detection of recent cannabis use, ideal for short-term assessments.

Made in France in Strasbourg

Local production in the Toda Pharma laboratories in Strasbourg, France, adding additional quality assurance to our saliva tests.

Reliability of Results (96%)

Ensure accurate results with high reliability of 96%, minimizing false positives and false negatives.

CE standard

CE compliant, ensuring rigorous adherence to European safety and performance standards.

ISO 13481 Manufacturing Quality

Manufactured according to ISO 13481 quality standards, ensuring superior quality through strict manufacturing processes.

Regulatory Detection Thresholds

Complies with law enforcement standards in France. Our test guarantees the same precision with regulatory detection thresholds ensuring full compliance and reliable results. (decree of December 13, 2016, section 1 - article 3 )


What saliva test is used by the police and gendarmerie?

The issue of saliva testing for drug screening,
notably cannabis, arouses a lot of interest, especially with regard to
concerns roadside checks. In general, the police and gendarmerie
use rapid saliva tests, designed to detect
presence of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. These tests have a
detection threshold of 15 ng/ml, which allows law enforcement to
screen drivers in just a few minutes.

If you want to take the lead and have a clear idea of
your THC level, be aware that similar tests are available on
our online store. Our home screening tests are designed
to be as precise as possible, giving you peace of mind
of spirit. Knowing that the detection threshold is the same as that
used by the authorities, i.e. 15 ng/ml, you can get an idea
clear how you would be assessed during an inspection

How do TODA PHARMA® saliva tests work?

TODA PHARMA® saliva tests are designed to detect the presence
drugs and illicit substances in saliva. They are easy to
use and provide fast and accurate results. By taking
a saliva sample with the swab provided, you place it in
the test tube and wait a few minutes to get the results.
TODA PHARMA® saliva tests are ideal for screening
effective and reliable drugs.

How reliable are TODA PHARMA® tests?

TODA PHARMA ® tests are manufactured to the highest standards
to guarantee their 96% reliability and accuracy. They are used by
healthcare professionals and law enforcement to carry out
drug testing. TODA saliva tests
have a detection threshold of 15 ng/ml, which complies with the
requirements of official screenings. You can trust the
reliability of our tests to obtain precise results.

Can TODA PHARMA® tests detect THC in THCV, THCP, H4CBD, HHC and CBD?

TODA PHARMA® saliva tests are specifically designed to detect
illicit drugs and substances, including THC . That
includes THC contained in THCV , THCP , HHC, H4CBD and CBD . TODA PHARMA® saliva tests have high sensitivity and a threshold of
detection of 15 ng/ml, allowing them to effectively detect THC molecules in all these

How long can THC in cannabis derivatives be detected by TODA PHARMA® tests?

The detection period for THC in cannabis derivatives may vary depending on
several factors, such as quantity consumed, frequency
of use and individual metabolism. TODA saliva tests
can detect THC within a few hours
following consumption, while urine tests can detect
their presence over a longer period, generally up to
A few days.

How long does it take to detect THC in saliva?

THC molecules remain detectable in the body for a
period of time ranging from 4 to 6 hours after taking cannabis, which it
whether it is the consumption of hashish or marijuana . However, the ability of our drug tests to detect these substances depends largely on each individual's consumption pattern.

In case of occasional use, the presence of THC can
be detected for approximately 6 to 8 hours after taking it. For a
regular consumption, this period extends up to 24 hours after the
socket. On the other hand, for intensive and daily use, THC can remain detectable up to 8 days after consumption.

In short, our THC self-tests are designed to
detect both recent consumption (less than 8 hours) and
consumption dating back over the longer term (up to 24 hours). That
depends exclusively on the consumption mode of the individual, because the
detection thresholds remain constant.

How are TODA PHARMA® tests made?

We are proud to offer the highest quality drug tests that are also made in France .

By working with local partners like Toda Pharma , we guarantee products that meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Our devices, all CE marked and compliant with the ISO 13485 standard
for quality management, are subject to monitoring
rigorous quality controls. This guarantees performance
optimal results and unrivaled precision of results.

Are TODA PHARMA tests suitable for companies and institutions?

Yes, we offer solutions adapted to the needs of businesses, schools, and other institutions.

Contact our team to obtain a personalized quote on our products as well as our services concerning awareness and prevention in professional or festive environments.

How to store tests to ensure their effectiveness?

It is recommended to store the tests in a cool, dry place away from direct light.

Are there any possible side effects after using a saliva test?

No, saliva tests are non-invasive and without risk for the user.

Do anti-THC sprays like Kleaner really work to evade a positive THC test?

It is important to emphasize that the idea that sprays
anti-saliva tests (Kleaner THC)
can help you pass a saliva drug test THC (Cannabis) is widely considered an urban legend.


These products have not been the subject of rigorous scientific studies proving their
effectiveness, and their use to alter the results of a test of
screening is generally illegal and can result in sanctions

The only reliable method to guarantee that you will pass a health test
Drug testing is about not using drugs. If you are
unsure of your status, using a home screening test can
be a sensible approach. Our tests, available on our store in
line, are designed to be as precise as those used by
law enforcement, with a detection threshold of 15 ng/ml for THC.
This allows you to make an informed decision before taking the

Do you deliver to Belgium, Germany or Switzerland?

Yes we ship our products to all of Europe.

Are you resellers, professionals or an association? Contact us to get a personalized quote!