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TODA PHARMA Salivary and Urinary Tests

Our saliva and urine drug tests are more than just a precautionary measure. They are reliable companions to guarantee your safety on the road, allowing you to quickly detect the presence of potentially harmful substances before getting behind the wheel. Our tests are also effective allies against chemical submission. They offer you the ability to detect certain substances used in these cases, increasing your protection and peace of mind.

Ethyloborne – Your Solution for Accurate and Rapid Blood Alcohol Screening

This device is designed to quickly and accurately measure individuals' blood alcohol levels, ensuring optimal safety in a variety of environments. The Ethyloborne terminal is specially suited for use in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, businesses and festive events.

Available in several configurations adapted to your needs – wall-mounted, table-mounted or adjustable tripod – the Ethyloborne is an essential element in guaranteeing road safety and preventing accidents linked to alcohol consumption.

To go even further, discover our rental service in Alsace, which allows you to have this innovative and EN 16280 certified device for your events, without initial investment. Take advantage of our turnkey offer including delivery, installation, and maintenance for total peace of mind.

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Discover the Drink Safe GHB Detector®

This test is designed to quickly identify the presence of GHB and KETAMINE in your drinks , substances often associated with chemical subjugation and date rape drugs .

Available in several formats adapted to your needs – business card, customizable coaster, and customizable 3-fold leaflet – the Drink Safe Test is a key element for a completely safe evening.

To go even further, discover our Party Safe Pack which will allow you to protect yourself effectively and detect the most common drugs at your favorite events.


Drinksafe est une marque dédiée à la sécurité et à la prévention, offrant des solutions innovantes pour protéger les consommateurs contre les risques de soumission chimique. Les outils de prévention de la marque Drinksafe® se distinguent par ses produits réutilisables et écoresponsables, tels que les chouchous et porte-gobelets anti-drogue. Ces chouchous, fabriqués en nylon déperlant hautement résistant, sont extensibles pour s'adapter à tous les verres et fournir une protection fiable et pratique contre les substances indésirables. Les porte-gobelets Drinksafe® assurent une protection similaire pour différents types de récipients. En utilisant ces produits, les consommateurs peuvent réduire les risques de soumission chimique et profiter de leurs soirées en toute tranquillité d'esprit, tout en adoptant une démarche écoresponsable.

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