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FREEDRIVE 0 non-balloon breathalyzer (0.5 g/l)

FREEDRIVE 0 non-balloon breathalyzer (0.5 g/l)

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Discover our single-use breathalyzer, a quick and simple solution to check your blood alcohol level reliably. Designed without a balloon, this breathalyzer is practical and hygienic, packaged in an individual transparent bag with explanatory instructions provided.

Equipped with a precise detection threshold of 0.25mg/l of exhaled air and 0.5g/l of blood, this breathalyzer offers you reliable results in just a few moments. Its single use guarantees optimal hygiene, while its ease of use makes it an essential tool for all your blood alcohol checks.

Technical characteristics of the breathalyzer

Detection threshold / calibration

0.25 mg/l of expired air
0.5 g/l of blood


Tube :

Diameter: 12mm
Length 100mm

Packaging: 125 x 50 mm

Temperatures of:

Operation: +5°C to +40°C
Storage: -20°C to +70°C


Compliant with NFX 20-702:2014
Complies with French decree 2015-775 of June 29, 2015
Complies with Reach regulations


Expiration date written on the packaging bag (24 months)

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Step 1

Warm up

Hold the breathalyzer for 30 seconds in your hands.

2nd step


Start the test by pressing on the 2 white tips so as to perforate the aluminum membrane.

Step 3


Orient the breathalyzer so that you can see the red tablet. Inhale deeply then blow out slowly in one go until the tablet turns white.

Step 4

Reading the results

Wait for the tablet to turn red again.
If the reagent remains yellow: level between 0.0 and 0.5g/l, you can drive.
If the reagent turns green: rate greater than or equal to 0.5g/l,


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