Table of positivity durations of the most common drugs

The Positivity Times table provides an overview of average drug detection times. These durations may vary depending on many factors, such as metabolism and frequency of use. The durations mentioned serve as benchmarks and should not be considered absolute.

Definitions of modes of use:

  • Occasional use : At least once in the past year.
  • Regular use : More than once a week, at least ten occurrences per month.
  • Daily use : Daily consumption.
  • Intensive and daily use : Several times a day, every day.

Positivity Duration Table

Drug Substances sought Detection medium Positivity duration
Cannabis delta-9-THC (THC) Urine (50 ng/ml), Saliva (15 ng/ml) Urine: 3-5 days (occasional), 30-70 days (regular)
Saliva: 6-8 hours (occasional), up to 24h (intensive)
GHB and GBL GHB Urine, Saliva Urine: a few hours
Saliva: 12-24 hours
Cocaine and crack benzo Urine (300 ng/ml), Saliva Urine: 2-4 days
Saliva: up to 24 hours
Ecstasy - MDMA MDA Urine, Saliva Urine: up to 72 hours
Saliva: up to 12 hours