Q: What saliva test is used by the police and gendarmerie?

The issue of saliva testing for drugs, particularly cannabis, is generating a lot of interest, especially with regard to roadside checks. In general, the police and gendarmerie use rapid saliva tests, designed to detect the presence of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. These tests have a detection threshold of 15 ng/ml, allowing law enforcement to screen drivers in just a few minutes.

If you want to take the lead and get a precise idea of ​​your THC level, know that similar tests are available on our online store. Our at-home screening tests are designed to be as accurate as possible, giving you peace of mind. Knowing that the detection threshold is the same as that used by the authorities, 15 ng/ml, you can have a clear idea of ​​how you would be assessed during an official check.

Q: Where can I find saliva drug tests?

You will find our entire range of tests to order online and deliver to your home on our online shop ama-prevention.fr

Q: How do TODA PHARMA® saliva tests work?

TODA PHARMA® saliva tests are designed to detect the presence of drugs and illicit substances in saliva. They are easy to use and provide fast and accurate results. Collecting a saliva sample with the swab provided, you place it in the test tube and wait a few minutes for the results. TODA PHARMA® saliva tests are ideal for effective and reliable drug screening.


Q: What are the advantages of TODA PHARMA® urine tests?

TODA PHARMA® urine tests provide a reliable and convenient method for detecting various illicit drugs and substances in urine. They are simple to use and provide accurate results within minutes. You can take the test from the comfort of your home and get essential information about your health.


Q: How reliable are TODA PHARMA® tests?

With a reliability of 96%, TODA PHARMA® tests are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure their accuracy and reliability. They are widely used by medical professionals and law enforcement to perform drug screenings with confidence. Our saliva and urine tests have a detection threshold of 15 ng/ml, complying with official screening requirements, guaranteeing precise and reliable results. You can have complete confidence in the quality of our tests for reliable and accurate screening results.


Q: How long can THC derivatives be detected by TODA PHARMA® tests?

A: The detection period for THC derivatives can vary depending on several factors, such as the amount consumed, frequency of use and individual metabolism. TODA PHARMA® saliva tests can detect THC derivatives within a few hours of consumption, while urine tests can detect their presence over a longer period of time, usually up to a few days.


Q: What drugs are detected by TODA PHARMA® saliva tests?

In addition to the previously mentioned drugs such as cannabis (THC), cocaine, amphetamines and methamphetamines, TODA PHARMA® saliva tests are also capable of detecting benzodiazepines. These tests thus provide extensive coverage for the detection of illicit and medicinal substances, making them versatile and suitable for different drug testing needs.

Q: How are TODA PHARMA® tests made?


A: Our TODA PHARMA® tests are manufactured in our laboratory based in Strasbourg, where we follow strict quality and safety standards. We are CE and ISO 13485 certified, which ensures that our products meet the highest medical device standards. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to excellence in drug test manufacturing, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of our products for our customers.

Q: Are the tests suitable for businesses and institutions?


A: Absolutely, our tests are perfectly adapted to the needs of companies, schools and other institutions. We offer a diverse range of solutions designed specifically to meet drug testing requirements in professional and institutional environments. Whether for pre-employment screening tests, regular workplace screening programs, or other specific needs, our products are designed to provide reliable and accurate detection, while being suitable for corporate use .

Q: How should tests be stored to ensure their effectiveness?


A: To ensure the effectiveness of the tests, it is recommended to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid extreme temperature variations, as well as exposure to excessive humidity. Store tests in their original packaging until use to protect them from potential damage. By following these storage recommendations, you can extend the life of the tests and ensure their effectiveness when used later.

Q: Are there any possible side effects after using a saliva test?


A: No, saliva tests are considered non-invasive and without risk for the user. They generally do not cause side effects because they do not require the use of needles or harsh chemicals. However, it is still recommended to carefully follow the instructions provided with the test and handle it with care to avoid any potential risks. If you have any specific concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Q: How can I be sure the results are accurate?


A: To guarantee the precision of our results, our tests are designed according to official standards with a rigorously determined detection threshold. In addition, our products are subject to strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process. This allows us to provide reliable and accurate testing to meet our customers' screening needs.

Q: Can the tests be used abroad?


A: Yes, our tests are designed for international use. However, it is recommended to check local regulations regarding the use of these tests in the country where they will be used. Some regulations or restrictions may vary from country to country, so it is important to ensure that the use of the tests complies with the laws and regulations in force in the respective country.

Q: How can I get help if I have additional questions?


A: Our customer support team is here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us via info@ama-prevention.fr. We are here to assist you and respond to all your requests as quickly as possible.


Q: Are TODA PHARMA® urine tests sensitive to the doses of THC present in CBD?

Yes, our TODA PHARMA® urine tests are designed to be sensitive to the doses of THC present in CBD. With a detection threshold of 15 ng/ml, they are able to detect THC, even from CBD products containing trace amounts of this substance. Our goal is to provide reliable and accurate testing that can meet the needs of our customers, even in situations where THC is present at very low levels.


Q: What is the shelf life of TODA PHARMA® tests?

A: TODA PHARMA® tests have an optimal shelf life of 12 to 24 months, depending on the product. Be sure to store the tests in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Q: Do anti-THC sprays like Kleaner really work to evade a positive THC test?

It's important to point out that the idea that saliva test sprays can help you pass a THC drug test is largely considered an urban legend. These products have not been the subject of rigorous scientific studies proving their effectiveness, and their use to alter the results of a screening test is generally illegal and can result in serious penalties.

The only reliable method to guarantee that you will pass a drug test is to not use drugs. If you are unsure of your status, using a home screening test may be a sensible step. Our tests, available on our online store, are designed to be as accurate as those used by law enforcement, with a detection threshold of 15 ng/ml for THC. This allows you to make an informed decision before getting behind the wheel.

Q: Is HHC detectable in the saliva test?

Yes, in principle, HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is detectable in saliva in the same way as other cannabis derivatives, such as H4CBD, THCP, or THCV. As these compounds are similarly metabolized and excreted in the body, saliva tests can be designed to detect a wide range of cannabinoids, including HHC. However, the exact ability of saliva tests to specifically detect HHC may depend on various factors, including the sensitivity and specificity of the test used. It is recommended to consult the specifications of the particular saliva test to determine its ability to detect HHC.

Q: Is the saliva test positive with CBD?

Yes, the saliva test can sometimes give a positive result in the presence of CBD. CBD, although not psychoactive, may contain traces of THC, the psychoactive substance in cannabis. CBD products can vary in THC content, and some may contain detectable amounts of the substance. Therefore, a saliva test may react positively in the presence of THC, even if the consumption was only CBD.

Q: What is the Drink Safe GHB Detector?

A: The Drink Safe GHB Detector is a quick and simple date rape drug detection device. It comes in different forms including business cards, customizable 3-fold flyers, and coasters. These varied formats allow for discreet and convenient use in different social contexts, providing effective protection against date rape drugs such as GHB and ketamine.

Q: Is the Drink Safe GHB Detector reliable?

A: Yes, the Drink Safe GHB Detector is over 90% reliable. This high reliability rate has been confirmed by extensive testing by independent laboratories, ensuring users receive accurate and reliable results when using this detection tool.

Q: How can Drink Safe GHB Detector help prevent sexual assault?

Using the Drink Safe GHB Detector, consumers can easily check if their drink has been contaminated with date rape drugs such as GHB or Ketamine. This preventative measure allows them to take immediate action to avoid potential sexual assault. In the event of a positive test result, they can quickly alert the people in charge of security or the competent authorities. Additionally, this early detection allows individuals to quickly go to a medical center to obtain blood tests, before the drug becomes undetectable. These steps provide a solid basis for pursuing legal action, with tangible evidence to support it, thereby strengthening the possibility of obtaining justice for victims of sexual assault.

Q: Where can I buy the Drink Safe GHB Detector?

The Drink Safe GHB Detector is available for purchase on the website www.ama-prevention.fr. This convenient means of online purchasing allows individuals to easily obtain the detector and quickly benefit from its protection. With just a few clicks, users can place their order and receive their product at home, ready to use for their next outing. This increased accessibility makes the Drink Safe GHB Detector readily available for those looking to increase their safety during social activities.

Q: How do I know if the Drink Safe GHB Detector is reliable?

The Drink Safe GHB Detector has undergone rigorous testing by independent laboratories, which has confirmed its reliability and accuracy. These tests assessed the product's ability to accurately detect potentially harmful substances in drinks, ensuring effective protection against date rape drugs and other unwanted substances. This certification by third-party organizations reinforces users' confidence in the effectiveness of the Drink Safe GHB Detector, ensuring reliable and precise results with each use. So individuals can have added peace of mind knowing they have an approved and proven screening tool to help them make informed decisions regarding their beverage consumption.

Q: How do I customize tri-fold flyers?

Tri-fold flyers are fully customizable with your own logo and contact information. Just contact customer service for more information on customization.

Q: What are the advantages of the Drink Safe GHB Detector over other methods of preventing chemical exposure hazards ?

A: The Drink Safe GHB Detector represents an innovative and accessible solution for detecting the presence of date rape drugs in drinks. Its use is extremely simple and quick, making it practical for use in various contexts. Unlike other detection methods which may require changes in the color of the drink or the use of complex chemical tests, the Drink Safe GHB Detector stands out for its ease of use. It is usually enough to place a drop of the drink to be tested on the detector, and within a few moments it provides a clear result indicating the possible presence of suspicious substances. In addition, its discreet detection method avoids any perceptible alteration of the drink, thus preserving its integrity and quality. This effective and hassle-free approach makes it a valuable tool for individuals concerned about their safety when going out to parties or other social environments where vigilance is required.

Q: What guarantees are offered with the Drink Safe GHB Detector?

A: The Drink Safe GHB Detector comes with a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

Q: How can I contact www.ama-prevention.fr customer service?

A: You can contact customer service using the contact form on the website or by sending an e-mail to info@ama-prevention.fr.

Note: The products mentioned in this FAQ section are intended for informational and preventative use. They are not a substitute for professional medical advice and do not guarantee 100% protection against unwanted substances. It is important to remain vigilant and responsible for your choices and your consumption.