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AMA Prévention

AMA® Anti-Drug Glass Hoods - Protect Your Drinks

AMA® Anti-Drug Glass Hoods - Protect Your Drinks

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At AMA Prévention , evening safety is our priority. Discover our exclusive offer of AMA® glass hoods , designed to reinforce the protection of your drinks during your festive outings. These quality glass hoods add an extra layer of security by testing your drinks quickly and discreetly, helping to avoid the risk of chemical submission.

Enjoy every moment without worry by ordering your AMA® glass protection hoods against the intrusion of dangerous substances now. Easy to use, they adapt to the majority of glasses, offering a practical and discreet solution against beverage contamination.

Protect yourself, protect your friends, and turn every outing into a safe and enjoyable experience with AMA Prevention.

AMA® glass hoods are not only designed to protect your drinks, but to protect you too. Featuring a unique locking mechanism, they are deliberately difficult to remove once in place, preventing discreet contamination. We've also eliminated the traditional teat, offering a specially designed port for enjoying soft drinks without compromising on comfort.

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    • Unparalleled Security

      AMA® glass hoods incorporate a unique locking mechanism, guaranteeing maximum protection against any contamination attempt. Enjoy your drink with confidence, knowing it is preserved safely and discreetly.

    • Universal Adaptability

      Designed to fit all lenses with an initial diameter of 51mm and a height of 30mm, our hoods offer reliable protection regardless of the type of lens used. A versatile tool suitable for all festive situations.

    • Absolute Comfort

      No more traditional pacifier. AMA® glass hoods feature a specially designed opening to allow you to enjoy your soft drinks without discomfort, eliminating any barrier between you and your pleasure. Enjoy comfort without compromise.

    • Durable and Practical

      Made from food grade silicone, our glass hoods are not only resistant in temperature ranges from -40°C to 240°C, but also easy to clean, thus extending their lifespan. Opt for practicality combined with durability for hassle-free evenings.

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