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Drink Safe technologies

Drink Safe GHB Detector - Test your drink in 2 min

Drink Safe GHB Detector - Test your drink in 2 min

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Stay safe with the Drink Safe GHB Detector® , your ultimate defense against date rape drugs like GHB and Ketamine. This business card sized card (84mm x 50mm) provides a discreet and effective solution for quickly detecting the presence of unwanted substances, such as those used in chemical submission. In just 2 minutes, you can check if your drink has been tampered with without your knowledge, allowing you to take immediate action to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Key Features

  • Compact format : Business card size for maximum discretion.
  • Substances detected : GHB and Ketamine.
  • Ease of use : Simple and quick to use.
  • Immediate results : Get results in just 2 minutes.
  • Safety : Non-toxic and safe to use.
  • Multiple testing : Two testing options per substance and per package.

Usage tips

  • Colored beverages : Some may cause slight discoloration of test surfaces, without indicating a positive result.
  • Mineral waters : Tap water and some mineral waters may cause a slight blue tint, not indicative of a positive result.
  • If in doubt : If the result is uncertain, it is better not to consume the drink and inform someone you trust.

Protect Yourself Completely

For enhanced security, also discover our glass hoods and anti-drug protection scrunchies available on our online store. Use these accessories in addition to the Drink Safe GHB Detector® for concrete measures to prevent attacks in the evening.

Evening safety is a collective responsibility. Opt for the Drink Safe GHB Detector® and its complementary accessories for peaceful and safe outings.

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Don't let fear ruin your outings. Order the Drink Safe GHB Detector® now and enjoy every moment with complete peace of mind. Visit our online store to discover our special offers and our other security products.

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How do you know if you have been drugged with GHB or KETAMINE?

The Drink Safe GHB Detector is very easy and discreet to use.

  • Check that the test surfaces are dry
  • Place a drop with a straw or finger on test surfaces A and B and rub them slowly.
  • Wait for the test to dry, this may take a minute.
  • If the test area turns dark blue, the test result is positive.

Pourquoi Nos Cartes DrinkSafe GHB Detector sont une Meilleure Solution que les Bracelets Anti-Drogue?

Avec la popularité croissante des bracelets anti-drogue en Espagne, il est crucial de comprendre pourquoi nos cartes DrinkSafe GHB Detector offrent une solution plus pratique et efficace. Voici un argumentaire détaillé pour démontrer les avantages de nos cartes par rapport aux bracelets anti-drogue :

Durabilité et Nombre d'Utilisations

Bracelets Anti-Drogue :
Les bracelets anti-drogue ne peuvent être utilisés que deux fois, limitant ainsi leur utilité à court terme. Cette limitation signifie que pour une protection continue, il est nécessaire de posséder plusieurs bracelets, ce qui peut devenir coûteux et peu pratique.

Cartes DrinkSafe GHB Detector :
Nos cartes DrinkSafe GHB Detector, en revanche, sont conçues pour offrir une protection prolongée. Chaque pack contient 5 cartes, chacune comportant 2 x 2 tests, soit un total de 20 tests par pack. Cette capacité permet une utilisation multiple et durable, garantissant une protection continue et efficace au fil du temps. Vous bénéficiez donc d'une solution plus économique et plus fiable.

Risques de Contamination Croisée

Bracelets Anti-Drogue :
Un autre inconvénient des bracelets anti-drogue est le risque élevé de contamination croisée. Ces bracelets sont portés directement sur la peau et sont constamment exposés à l'environnement, ce qui augmente les risques de contamination par des substances indésirables ou des germes.

Cartes DrinkSafe GHB Detector :
Nos cartes DrinkSafe GHB Detector sont conservées dans un pack protecteur, minimisant ainsi les risques de contamination croisée. Grâce à leur emballage sécurisé, les cartes restent propres et efficaces jusqu'au moment de leur utilisation. Cette caractéristique assure une détection plus fiable et sécurisée des substances illicites, vous offrant une tranquillité d'esprit inégalée.

  • Security

    Remember that evening safety is a collective responsibility. By using the glass hoods in combination with the Drink Safe GHB Detector , you can take concrete measures to protect your drink and prevent the risk of attacks in festive environments.

  • Ease of use

    Be vigilant wherever you go with our Drink Safe GHB Detector cards. Easy to use, these cards can detect several types of drugs commonly used to adulterate drinks.

  • Prevention

    These tests are intended for individuals and professionals concerned about their safety during parties, festivals and other festive events.


Professionals / Associations

If you are a professional and want to offer your customers a unique experience, we are happy to offer you our service of customizing leaflet and coaster formats with your own logo.

Our custom formats are a great way to promote your brand while providing your customers with a reliable solution to check for date rape drugs such as GHB and KETAMINE .

We offer personalization options for our coasters and flyers. You can add your own logo and we can also work with you to create a unique design that reflects your business identity.

We know that your customers' safety is a top priority and we are proud to be able to offer a product that not only keeps them safe, but also builds the trust they have in your business.

Contact us today to discuss our customization options and we will be happy to work with you to create custom flyer and coaster formats that meet your business needs.

Are you resellers, professionals or an association? Contact us to get a personalized quote!