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Using Kleaner for Driving: Proven Ineffectiveness and Legal Implications

The product Kleaner, often marketed as a solution to cheating saliva drug tests, is largely ineffective according to several studies. This product, presented in the form of an anti-THC spray, has generated numerous opinions and discussions on forums. Research shows that it does not guarantee the removal of traces of drugs.

The ineffectiveness of Kleaner

Studies Proving Ineffectiveness

Recent studies have shown that Kleaner cannot effectively remove drug residues in saliva. Saliva tests, widely used by law enforcement, still detect psychoactive substances after use of this product.

Testimonials and Feedback

Although some users claim that the Kleaner worked for them, many reviews and testimonials on forums indicate that they tested positive despite using it. This variability makes its use risky and unreliable.

Legal Implications

Sanctions for Failure in France

In France, drivers who test positive in a drug test risk:

  • A fine of up to 4,500 euros.
  • A prison sentence of up to two years.
  • A suspension or cancellation of a driving license.
  • Immobilization and seizure of the vehicle.

Penalties for Failure in Belgium

In Belgium, penalties for a positive drug test include:

  • An immediate fine of 1,260 euros.
  • A suspension of the driving license.
  • Seizure of the vehicle in the event of non-payment of the fine.
  • Prison sentences for repeat offenses or serious offenses.

Obstruction of Justice

The use of products intended to deceive traffic stops is illegal and constitutes an obstruction of justice. Law enforcement agencies are increasingly vigilant regarding these practices and are adapting their detection methods accordingly.

Alternative Solutions

Rather than trying to cheat on saliva tests, it is better to make sure you are in compliance with the law. Our AMA Prévention online store offers reliable and certified drug screening tests:

  • THC Salivary Test : This precise and rapid test detects the presence of THC with maximum reliability.
  • THC Urinary Test : Used at home or in business, this test guarantees reliable results that comply with road safety standards.


Using Kleaner to attempt to cheat saliva tests is ineffective and legally risky. Studies show that this product does not guarantee the elimination of drug residues, exposing drivers to severe penalties. The best solution is to follow the rules of the road and use reliable drug tests to ensure your compliance and safety on the road.

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