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Drugged Driving: Everything you need to know about the New Road Fine in Belgium

Everything you need to know about the New Road Fine in Belgium

Belgium is strengthening its road regulations with a new fine of 1,260 euros for certain offenses. Drivers will have to pay this fine immediately, or risk having their vehicle seized. This article details the reasons for this new measure, its implications, and how you can prepare to avoid these sanctions.

Fine Details

  • Amount: 1260 euros
  • Immediate payment
  • Consequence: Seizure of the vehicle in the event of non-payment

Reasons for Introduction

The introduction of this fine aims to deter dangerous behavior on the road. The authorities hope that this measure will:

  • Reduce the number of road accidents
  • Encourage drivers to respect road safety rules
  • Improving safety for all road users

Implications for Drivers

This fine applies to serious offenses, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, excessive speeding, and other serious traffic violations. Drivers should be aware of the risks and costs associated with these behaviors.

Solutions Offered by Our Store

To avoid such penalties, it is crucial to follow the rules of conduct and stay informed of new regulations. Our online store offers tools to help drivers stay compliant with regulations:

  • THC Salivary Test : An accurate and rapid test to detect the presence of THC. It is easy to use and gives results in a few minutes, which allows you to check your ability to drive safely.
  • THC Urinary Test : An effective test for detecting THC in urine. Ideal for use at home or in business, this test ensures that you comply with road safety standards before getting behind the wheel.

Tips for Avoiding Violations

Here are some tips to avoid violations and harsh fines:

  • Stay Informed: Keep up to date with the latest road safety regulations.
  • Use Drug Tests: Check your substance use regularly to avoid violations.
  • Respect Speed ​​Limits: Adapt your speed according to road conditions.
  • Avoid Drunk Driving: Do not get behind the wheel if you have consumed alcohol or drugs.


The new fine of 1260 euros in Belgium highlights the importance of road safety. To avoid these severe penalties, it is essential to follow the rules of conduct and use the screening tools available in our store. Order our screening tests now to ensure compliance with regulations and drive safely.

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