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THC Cannabis Urinary Test – Made in France – CE Standard Certified

THC Cannabis Urinary Test – Made in France – CE Standard Certified

Benefits of the TODA Pharma Drugdiag® THC (Cannabis) Urine Screening Test

Advanced Technology

  • Accurate Detection : The test uses advanced immunochromatographic technology to detect delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active component of cannabis.
  • Reliable Method : Provides rapid and reliable results for assessing the presence of THC in urine samples.

Ease of use

  • Simplified Process : The TODA Pharma Drugdiag® THC (Cannabis) Urine Test is easy to use, with simple steps to get accurate results.
  • Fast Results : In just minutes, users can visually interpret results with clear lines on the cassette.

Precision and Reliability

  • Detection Duration : Detection varies from 1 to 3 days for isolated consumption, 8 to 12 days for regular consumption, and up to 30 days for heavy consumption.
  • Assured Reliability : Offers an accurate and reliable solution for determining recent cannabis use.

Versatility of Use

  • Personal and Professional Use : Whether for personal or professional needs, this test is essential to assess the presence of cannabis.
  • Proactive Protection : An essential tool to prevent the risks of chemical submission, providing protection against this insidious form of violence.

French made

  • Superior Quality : Made in France in the TODA Pharma laboratories in Strasbourg, guaranteeing exceptional quality and recognized expertise.

These features make the TODA Pharma Drugdiag® THC (Cannabis) urine test a first-choice solution for accurate, rapid and convenient cannabis detection.

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The Toda Pharma Laboratory

Explore our line of TODA PHARMA Drugdiag® urine drug tests , a solution that simplifies the testing process into one step. Quickly obtain and analyze results in just 3 minutes with a clear interpretation procedure indicated directly on the test. This ease of use and the speed of results offer you a significant saving in time and efficiency during your urine screenings . With a user-friendly approach and instant interpretation, our TODA PHARMA Drugdiag® urine tests align with our commitment to ease of use and rapid performance, simplifying your screening procedures while ensuring accurate assessment of results.

In the video below, you will find all the instructions for carrying out a TODA PHARMA urine drug screening test yourself which will give you, in a few minutes, the level of substances contained in your urine.

Test yourself before you get tested

Very simple to use

Can be done at home

Results in 5 minutes

Up to 96% reliability

Made in France

The most frequently asked questions

What does TODA Pharma Drugdiag® offer in terms of urine drug testing?

TODA Pharma Drugdiag® offers a range of urine drug tests , enabling the rapid and accurate detection of various substances such as cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamines/designer drugs, benzodiazepines, and cannabis (THC , delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). These tests are designed to be simple, quick and effective.

How do TODA Pharma Drugdiag® urine tests work?

TODA Pharma Drugdiag® urine tests are designed for single-step use. Simply collect a urine sample on the test and interpret the results in just 3 minutes. Interpretation procedures are clearly indicated on the test, making it easier for all users to use.

How reliable are TODA PHARMA® tests?

TODA PHARMA ® tests are manufactured to the highest standards
to guarantee their 96% reliability and accuracy. They are used by
healthcare professionals and law enforcement to carry out
drug testing. You can trust the reliability of our tests to deliver accurate results.

What substances can be detected by TODA Pharma Drugdiag® urine tests?

TODA Pharma Drugdiag® urine tests are capable of detecting multiple substances, including cocaine (COC), opiates (OPI), amphetamines (AMP), methamphetamines/designer drugs (MDMA, ecstasy, etc.), benzodiazepines (BZO), and cannabis (THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

Do these tests comply with safety and quality standards?

Yes, TODA Pharma Drugdiag® urine tests are CE and ISO 13485 certified , ensuring compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.

What is the shelf life of TODA Pharma Drugdiag® urine tests?

TODA Pharma Drugdiag® urine tests have a shelf life of several months, usually indicated on the product packaging. It is recommended that tests be stored in appropriate conditions, away from direct sunlight and at a specified temperature.

Where are TODA PHARMA® tests manufactured?

We are proud to offer the highest quality drug tests that are also made in France .

By working with local partners like Toda Pharma , we guarantee products that meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Our devices, all CE marked and compliant with the ISO 13485 standard
for quality management, are subject to monitoring
rigorous quality controls. This guarantees performance
optimal results and unrivaled precision of results.

Are TODA PHARMA tests suitable for companies and institutions?

Yes, we offer solutions adapted to the needs of businesses, schools, and other institutions.

Contact our team to obtain a personalized quote on our products as well as our services concerning awareness and prevention in professional or festive environments.

How can I interpret the test results?

TODA Pharma Drugdiag® urine test results are interpreted based on the lines or symbols clearly marked on the test. Detailed instructions are provided in the user manual included with each kit.

Can these urine tests be used to detect unintentional substance use?

Yes, TODA Pharma Drugdiag® urine tests play a vital role in preventing the unintentional consumption of unwanted substances, providing rapid and accurate detection.

Please note that this information is provided for informational purposes only. If in doubt or concern, it is always recommended to consult a qualified healthcare professional.


Speed ​​of Results

Get results in minutes, ensuring early detection and immediate actions for tested drugs.

Non invasive

Easy to administer with urine samples, providing a more pleasant alternative to some invasive methods.

Ease of use

Maximum simplicity, accessible without medical assistance, adaptable at home or in professional environments.

Short Term Detection

Notable effectiveness for accurate detection of recent drug use, ideal for short to medium term assessments.

Made in France in Strasbourg

Local production in the Toda Pharma laboratories in Strasbourg, France, adding additional quality assurance to our urine tests.

Reliability of Results (96%)

Ensure accurate results with high reliability of 96%, minimizing false positives and false negatives.

CE standard

CE compliant, ensuring rigorous adherence to European safety and performance standards.

ISO 13481 Manufacturing Quality

Manufactured according to ISO 13481 quality standards, ensuring superior quality through strict manufacturing processes.

Risk Reduction

Detect the use of all 6 drugs early, minimizing risks in the workplace, on the road and in other situations crucial to sobriety.

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