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At AMA Prevention , we understand the importance of ensuring the safety and peace of mind of your business, your employees and your customers. This is why we are proud to present our exclusive Pro offer in terms of drug testing and risk reduction in party environments.


Our Pro Services Include:

-Excl. VAT pricing adapted to the needs of businesses

-Customized drug testing to meet your industry and business requirements.

-Saliva and urine testing options to detect a variety of substances, including MDMA, COCAINE, THC, etc...

-Tailored solutions for events, festivals, transport companies and much more.

-A dedicated team ready to provide you with a personalized quote based on your specific needs.

    At the house of AMA Prevention , we are more than just a provider of drug testing and beverage safety solutions. We are your trusted partner to create a safe and secure environment, whether in a professional, festive or educational setting.

    Why Choose AMA Prevention?

    Sector expertise

    Our sector expertise extends across a diverse range of industries, allowing us to understand and meet the specific needs of each sector. We have extensive knowledge of the CBD and drugstore business, understanding the ever-changing regulations and market trends. Our experience allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to help businesses in this sector thrive.

    Additionally, we also work with associations, where our expertise allows us to design effective strategies to raise awareness and educate the public on specific health and safety issues. We understand the importance of clear, targeted communication to drive real change and encourage positive behavior.

    Additionally, our collaboration with event organizers allows us to provide specialist support in the planning and execution of successful events. We understand the unique challenges event organizers face, such as managing logistics, security and promotion, and we work closely with them to ensure exceptional results on every occasion. In summary, our in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of each sector allows us to provide effective and tailored solutions to our clients, contributing to their long-term success.

    Full range of products

    Our range of products is designed to meet the varied needs of our customers in terms of safety and prevention. We offer a wide range of items, including saliva and urine drug tests, which provide an effective and rapid method for detecting the presence of controlled substances. These tests are essential for businesses concerned with maintaining a safe and healthy environment for their employees and customers.

    Additionally, we provide testing for substances such as GHB and ketamine in drinks, providing a practical solution to prevent drug-related incidents in public places and events. These tests allow for quick and discreet verification, ensuring peace of mind and safety for consumers.

    As part of our commitment to safety, we also offer protective lids for glasses, an effective preventative measure to reduce the risk of tampering and the introduction of unwanted substances into drinks. These lids provide an additional physical barrier, helping to promote a responsible drinking environment in bars, clubs and events.

    In summary, our diverse product range is designed to meet the specific safety and prevention needs of our customers, providing effective solutions to ensure safe and healthy environments.

    Safety and prevention consultation

    Our range of consulting services extends to the implementation of security and prevention measures against drug-related risks, both for companies and for event organizers. We work closely with our clients to assess their specific needs and develop personalized strategies to minimize risks and promote a safe and healthy environment.

    Our expert consultants provide expert advice on drug safety and prevention best practices, taking into account local regulations and market trends. We help companies develop robust internal policies, including drug testing protocols and training for staff on detecting signs of drug use.

    For event organizers, we offer consultations on the design and implementation of security measures tailored to the size and nature of the event. This may include recommendations on physical security, crowd management and discreet surveillance to detect risky behavior.

    In summary, our consulting services are designed to help our clients take proactive steps to prevent drug-related incidents and ensure the safety of their employees, customers and event attendees.

    Prevention stands at events

    Our ability to create personalized prevention stands at your events constitutes significant added value in raising public awareness of drug-related risks and providing on-site testing solutions. Our booths are designed to attract attention and generate public interest, while providing a welcoming environment for open discussions about drug prevention.

    Our specialist teams work closely with event organizers to design stands tailored to their target audience and specific awareness objectives. We provide informative and educational materials about the effects of drugs, signs of use, and resources available for help.

    Additionally, we offer on-site testing solutions, providing participants with the ability to verify their sobriety status confidentially and instantly. This not only encourages responsible consumption, but also quickly identifies people potentially at risk and directs them to the appropriate assistance services.

    Through our personalized prevention stands, we help create a safe and informed environment at your events, reinforcing the commitment to the safety and well-being of all participants.

    Our Solutions for Professionals:

    Merchants, Resellers, and Distributors

    Expand your range of products and services with our reliable and fast screening solutions. We understand the importance of merchants, resellers and distributors providing quality and safe products to their customers. Our screening solutions provide an effective method for detecting the presence of controlled substances, allowing professionals to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

    By adding our screening solutions to your product portfolio, you build customer confidence and increase the value of your offering. Our drug tests provide fast and accurate results, allowing you to make informed decisions about the products you offer for sale. Additionally, by offering screening solutions, you demonstrate your commitment to the safety and satisfaction of your customers.

    We work closely with merchants, resellers and distributors to provide comprehensive support and training on the effective use of our screening solutions. Our goal is to help you take full advantage of our products to meet your customers' needs while complying with current regulations.

    In summary, our reliable and fast screening solutions are designed to help merchants, resellers and distributors expand their range of products and services while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

    For Business Managers and Corporate Security:

    For business leaders concerned about corporate security, we offer comprehensive solutions to protect their work environment. Our services include drug testing and safety consultations, enabling businesses to put effective measures in place to prevent risks related to drug use in the workplace.
    Our drug tests provide an accurate and rapid method to detect the presence of controlled substances, helping to maintain a safe and productive workplace. Additionally, our security consultations provide business leaders with the advice and resources needed to develop robust security policies that comply with current regulations.
    We also help businesses train their staff on spotting signs of drug use, implement testing protocols, and create a safe work environment for all employees. By working with us, business leaders can strengthen the security of their business and protect their staff from the potential dangers associated with drug use in the workplace.

      Prevention associations and student associations

      For prevention associations and student associations engaged in promoting health and well-being, we offer tailored solutions to strengthen their awareness and prevention initiatives.

      Our services are designed to support these associations in their efforts to inform and educate their target audience about the risks associated with drug use. We provide resources and guidance for developing effective awareness programs, with a focus on prevention and harm reduction.

      By collaborating with us, prevention and student associations can access tools such as interactive awareness sessions, impactful communication campaigns and educational resources on the effects of drugs and ways to reduce risks. Additionally, we offer on-site testing solutions at events hosted by these associations, providing a unique opportunity to raise awareness and provide practical support.

      Together, we can strengthen the impact of drug prevention initiatives, promote healthy behaviors and help create safer, more informed communities.

        Event and festival organizers

        For event organizers and festivals, we offer customized solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of attendees while preserving the festive and fun atmosphere of the event.

        Our services include specialized consultations to assess the specific security needs of each event. We work closely with organizers to design and implement effective safety measures, including drug testing protocols, crowd management plans and emergency communications strategies.

        Additionally, we offer on-site screening solutions to enable organizers to quickly and discreetly identify individuals at risk, helping to maintain a safe and controlled environment. These solutions are seamlessly integrated into the event experience, ensuring a proactive approach to security without compromising attendee enjoyment.

        By working with us, event organizers and festivals can provide their attendees with a memorable and safe experience, strengthening their reputation and commitment to the well-being of their audiences.

          Powerful tests for professionals

          Our high-performance tests are specifically designed to meet the demands of professionals, providing effective and practical solutions for drug testing in various professional environments. The Toda Pharma Drugdiag range of tests is recognized for its reliability and accuracy, thanks to its high specificity and high sensitivity.

          We understand that every business has specific drug testing needs, which is why our tests are designed to accommodate these requirements. The tests are available in single sachets, which allows companies to manage their consumption according to the number of people to be screened, thus reducing kit waste and associated costs.

          In addition, we attach great importance to the confidentiality of the results. This is why each test is equipped with a tab guaranteeing the confidentiality of the results. This functionality is essential to guarantee trust and respect for the privacy of individuals subject to screening.

          By using our powerful tests, professionals can be assured of the quality and accuracy of results, while benefiting from a flexible solution tailored to their specific drug testing needs in their business.

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