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We're here to answer all your questions about drug testing, road safety, and chemical submission risks. Our mission is to provide you with clear, honest and reliable answers so that you can make informed decisions for your well-being and safety.

At AMA Prevention , we understand the importance of staying informed about the risks associated with drug use and chemical submissions. That's why we provide you with a range of high-quality drug testing products, allowing you to detect unwanted substances and maintain responsible vigilance.

Whether you are a parent concerned about the safety of your children, a healthcare professional or simply someone looking to stay informed, our team of experts is here to support you. We provide clear, detailed answers to all your questions about drug testing, current regulations, the best ways to prevent chemical submissions, and safe driving practices.

Browse through our online store and discover our selection of accurate, easy-to-use drug tests . Whether for saliva , urine or other tests , our products are designed to detect a wide range of substances, including THC , amphetamines , cocaine and many more. Rest assured that our tests are reliable and accurate to help you make informed decisions about your safety.

Road safety is a top priority, and we encourage you to remain vigilant and informed about potential risks. Chemical submission risks are a concerning reality, and we are here to provide you with the tools and knowledge to protect yourself.

Don't wait any longer, explore our online store and ask us all your questions. At AMA Prévention , we are here to help you make informed decisions for your safety and that of your loved ones.

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AMA Prévention is a company specializing in the sale of saliva and urine drug screening tests, including the famous Drink Safe Test® which detects the presence of GHB and ketamine in drinks.

    We are based in Strasbourg and our online store, available at www . antighb.com or www . ama-prevention.fr , offers fast deliveries in France and around the world.

    At AMA Prevention , we are committed to providing top quality products to our customers to help them stay safe and make informed decisions about drug use.

    Our goal:
    Make the difference
    Create preference
    Become a reference
    We use part of our equipment to carry out prevention and awareness campaigns in festive environments to reduce risks as much as possible by introducing our products to as many users as possible.
    Thanks to our various partnerships, we have been able to distribute more than 1000 tests and 500 glass hoods for free.
    Our stands are open to all and we hope that our actions have promoted everyone's safety.
    And of course, we need all your support.
    Do not hesitate to visit our page on social networks and our online shop.
    We care for your health.
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