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A new study reveals the presence of GHB in French-speaking Switzerland

A study highlights the presence of GHB in French-speaking Switzerland

A study carried out by the French-speaking University Center for Legal Medicine (CURML) in Lausanne showed that GHB was indeed circulating in French-speaking Switzerland. The drug, also known as " liquid ecstasy " or the "rape drug", is rare in the region, but traces have been detected in a small number of samples.

This study, the first of its kind in Switzerland, was carried out in 2021 at the request of the Vaud State Council. It involved more than 800 samples, including 60 taken following sexual assault. Four of these samples revealed traces of GHB . Although this does not necessarily mean that these cases are isolated, as GHB disappears quickly from the blood.

After 12 hours, there is no trace left in the body.

Among the 60 samples taken in the context of sexual assaults, only one tested positive for GHB . However, half of the alleged victims took their samples too late to detect the drug.

Therefore, it is difficult to estimate the number of cases that escape analysis.

On the other hand, the analyzes detected the presence of other substances acting on the central nervous system in more than half of the cases of sexual assault. Alcohol tops the list, followed by cannabis , benzodiazepines and cocaine .

The CHUV, Vaud university hospital center, has put in place a specific treatment protocol for people who fear having been victims of chemical submission. From now on, GHB will be systematically sought. The CHUV encourages people who suspect they have taken it without their knowledge to go to the hospital as quickly as possible.

The need to raise awareness and act quickly

Although GHB is rare in French-speaking Switzerland, this study shows that this drug is present in the region. It is important to raise public awareness about the chemical submission and dangers of GHB . GHB is a drug that causes disinhibition and mild euphoria. In high doses, it can act as a powerful sleeping pill. Colorless, odorless and tasteless, it is unfortunately not detectable, and a few drops in an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink are enough to quickly lose all capacity for vigilance and resistance.

It is essential to remind people that it is important to watch their drink when they go out and never leave their drink unattended. Additionally, it is important to know the signs of possible chemical submission and to get tested as quickly as possible if you suspect you have been a victim of sexual assault.

However, despite its rarity in French-speaking Switzerland, GHB can be very dangerous. It can cause loss of consciousness, mental confusion, vomiting, respiratory failure, even coma and death. The risks are even greater if the drug is combined with alcohol or other psychoactive substances.

It is therefore essential to raise public awareness of the dangers of this drug and to inform health professionals so that they can quickly treat suspected victims of chemical submission . The protocol implemented at the CHUV is an example of good practice, but it would be desirable for other Swiss health establishments to follow this example.

In addition, it is important that the authorities continue to carry out studies to assess the presence of this drug on Swiss territory and to put in place measures to combat its distribution. Finally, it is also crucial to educate young people about the dangers of drugs and risky sexual practices, particularly in party environments.

Solutions to Protect Yourself

With the ongoing threat of chemical submission in nightlife entertainment venues, it is essential to take proactive measures to protect ourselves. First of all, it is recommended to carefully monitor your drink and never leave it unattended, even for a short period of time. Using glass protection hoods or specific covers for your glasses can also provide an additional barrier against tampering attempts.

Additionally, using detection kits like the Drink Safe GHB Detector can provide peace of mind by allowing drinks to be discreetly tested before consumption. Furthermore, traveling in groups and looking after each other can strengthen collective security. It is also crucial to educate friends and loved ones about the dangers of chemical submission and encourage them to adopt responsible behaviors when it comes to alcohol consumption and beverage monitoring. Finally, if you suspect that you have been the victim of an attack linked to chemical submission , it is imperative to go quickly to the hospital to receive appropriate medical care and to report the incident to the competent authorities to contribute to the prevention and resolution of such cases in the future.

This proactive and collective approach is essential to effectively counter the threat of chemical submission and ensure safe and secure nighttime environments for all.


In short, this study on the presence of GHB in French-speaking Switzerland is alarming, even if the drug remains rare. It is essential to continue efforts to raise awareness among the population, inform health professionals and put in place measures to combat the spread of this drug. And for people who suspect they have been victims of chemical submission , it is important to go to the hospital quickly to receive appropriate treatment.

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