Vernis à ongles anti GHB Undercover Colors vs Drink Safe GHB Detector®

Anti GHB Nail Polish Undercover Colors vs Drink Safe GHB Detector®

Did you know that nail polish can help reduce the risk of sexual assault in party settings? This is the case of the anti-chemical varnish " Undercover Colors ", which caused a sensation when it was first presented in 2014. But today it is not available on the market. So how can we protect ourselves from date rape drugs in drinks?

This is where Drink Safe GHB Detector® products come into play.

Let's start by talking about Undercover Colors . This polish was developed by four American students who sought to reduce the risks of sexual assault at student parties. The idea was that women could test their drink simply by swirling their finger in their glass to see if the color of the glaze changed, indicating the presence of dangerous chemicals.

Although the idea is interesting, the product is unfortunately not marketed, as it is considered a passive way to combat sexual assault and does not guarantee complete protection against date rape drugs.

This is where Drink Safe GHB Detector® products come in. The Drink Safe GHB Detector® is a reliable way to detect the presence of the date rape drug in drinks. They are available as business cards, coasters and tri-fold flyers, making them easy to carry and use in any situation.

Drink safe ghb detector card

The Drink Safe GHB Detector® kit is simple to use:

Simply place a drop of your drink on tab A and another on tab B, then lightly rub the tabs and wait a few seconds.

If the color turns blue, this indicates that the test is positive and that there is a presence of GHB or KETAMINE in your drink.

Illustrated instructions for use of the Drink Safe GHB detector

Not only are the Drink Safe GHB Detector® reliable and accurate, they are also economical. They provide an affordable solution for people looking to reduce the risk of chemical exposure in party environments .

However, it is important to remember that the Drink Safe GHB Detector® is not an absolute guarantee against date rape drugs . It's always important to take extra precautions , such as never leaving your drink unattended, never accepting a drink from a stranger, and always checking on your friends and their state of mind.


In summary, although " Undercover Colors " anti-chemical varnish is not commercially available, there are reliable solutions to reduce the risk of date rape drugs in beverages. The Drink Safe GHB Detector® are an economical and practical option for those looking to protect themselves.

However, it is important not to rely solely on these tests and to take additional measures to guarantee your safety in a festive environment.

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