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Substandard Salivary Tests: Feedback from Alexandra B.

Alexandra B.'s story highlights a crucial reality: the vital importance of choosing reliable and accurate saliva screening tests. His experience with a competing brand's THC saliva tests demonstrates the potentially serious consequences of questionable reliability. This is why it is essential not to underestimate the quality of the tests you use. In this article, we will take a close look at the challenges Alexandra faced and highlight the critical importance of choosing trustworthy screening tests, such as the Drugdiag Saliva tests we offer.

“I ordered saliva tests to find out if I could drive my vehicle without risking losing my license due to THC since I smoke CBD. My test came back negative, so I was satisfied. However, the next day, I was stopped by the police. She did a drug test on me and I found myself positive for THC even though I was convinced I wasn't. Also, when I got home, I did another saliva test, I had ordered 5. This test was negative again. I smoked a joint and took a test again which was still negative. Either there is an error in the instructions and ultimately the test indicated that I was positive because I find it strange that the instructions explain that you are negative for THC when the THC trait is apparent. I am therefore very unhappy and I will never trust this type of test again! »
- Alexandra B., published on 09/25/2023

Following this unpleasant experience, it is essential to emphasize the importance of choosing a high quality saliva test. At AMA Prevention , we understand the importance of the reliability and accuracy of our products. Unlike some cheap tests manufactured under poorly controlled conditions, our tests are subject to strict quality and safety standards. Each batch is thoroughly tested and verified to ensure accurate results every time.

We also understand the issues related to road safety and the protection of your driving license. That's why we strive to provide saliva tests that offer accurate and reliable detection of THC, as well as other substances, to give you complete peace of mind while on the go.

Positive test by law enforcement and its consequences: Alexandra was confronted with a positive THC test carried out by law enforcement, despite a negative saliva test. This situation had serious consequences on his ability to drive and his driving license. With Drugdiag Saliva, you can rest assured that our tests are designed to provide accurate and reliable results. Our advanced technology ensures effective detection of THC and other substances, allowing you to make confident decisions about your driving.
Importance of the type of saliva test and detection threshold: It is crucial to choose a suitable saliva test, such as Delta-9-THC , compared to THC-COOH . In addition, the detection threshold plays an essential role in the reliability of the results. Unlike competing tests at 50 ng/ml, Drugdiag Saliva tests offer precise detection with a threshold of 15 ng/ml, guaranteeing greater reliability.
Origin and quality standards: It is important to note that “French company” does not necessarily guarantee French manufacturing. Unlike some tests made in China or Eastern countries, our tests are made in Strasbourg, France. Additionally, our products comply with CE standards and meet ISO 13485 quality standards , ensuring maximum quality and safety for our customers.

    Conclusion: Opt for peace of mind with Drugdiag Saliva®

    Faced with the challenges Alexandra faced with a substandard saliva test, it is essential to choose a reliable and accurate solution for testing for THC and other substances. The Drugdiag Saliva® saliva test offers advanced technology, a detection threshold that meets road safety standards and a quality guarantee, allowing you to make decisions with confidence about your ability to drive. Don't take unnecessary risks with unreliable tests; trust Toda Pharma laboratories and its Drugdiag Saliva® test for accurate results and complete peace of mind.

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