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The mobilization of event organizers against chemical submission in Strasbourg

The mobilization against chemical submission in Strasbourg

In Strasbourg, nightlife is a vibrant part of the local culture, attracting thousands of attendees across the city to enjoy a variety of events, from concerts to club nights. However, this festive atmosphere is sometimes overshadowed by the insidious risk of chemical submission , a growing challenge for event organizers and nightlife professionals. Faced with this growing threat, an unprecedented mobilization is taking place within the festive community to counter this scourge. Organizers and professionals recognize the critical importance of protecting their participants from the risks associated with chemical submission .

In response to this growing concern, they have decided to join forces and resources to implement effective prevention measures and ensure the safety of all those who frequent their establishments. This mobilization demonstrates the party community's deep commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all, illustrating a growing awareness of the potential dangers of chemical submission and the collective desire to proactively address this issue.

In the next parts of this article, we will explore the different initiatives implemented to combat chemical submission and ensure the safety of participants.

Actors engaged in the fight

Among the major players in this struggle are emblematic establishments of Strasbourg nightlife, such as Holacracie, Ordinaire, Le Blue Note, Merci Cadeau, Yaar Kollision, BE, the Blue Moon bar, Barathon, Longevity, Bass Couture, C' is La Teuf, Undersound and Subtronic . These venues are pillars of the local party scene, welcoming thousands of attendees every week for unforgettable evenings.

Aware of the risks that chemical submission represents for their customers, the owners and managers of these establishments have become aware of their responsibility in terms of safety and well-being. This is why they have decided to actively engage in the fight against this scourge, by putting in place concrete measures to ensure the safety of all those who pass through their doors.

These nighttime professionals understand the critical importance of educating their audiences about the dangers of chemical submission and providing tools and resources to prevent incidents. Their commitment demonstrates their dedication to the community and their desire to make their establishments safe and welcoming spaces for all.

By working together with AMA Prévention , these players in Strasbourg's nightlife strive to create a festive environment where everyone can have fun with complete peace of mind, knowing that their safety is an absolute priority.

A fruitful collaboration with AMA Prévention

It is in this context that the company AMA Prévention intervenes in partnership with these establishments. Thanks to their joint action, awareness stands are deployed during events, offering participants essential prevention tools. AMA glass hoods , anti-drug scrunchies , GHB/Ketamine detectors in Drink Safe drinks , and informative documentation are distributed free of charge, demonstrating the organizers' commitment to fighting against chemical submission . Additionally, we also offer our saliva and urine drug testing solutions to ensure participant safety.

AMA Prévention , as a company specializing in the prevention of risks linked to the consumption of psychoactive substances, plays a crucial role in this initiative. Their expertise in awareness and prevention helps strengthen the efforts of event organizers and nightlife professionals to keep their attendees safe.

By working closely with AMA Prevention , these facilities ensure they have the resources and knowledge necessary to implement effective chemical submission prevention measures. This successful collaboration demonstrates the shared commitment to the safety and well-being of the festive community in Strasbourg .

Testimonials from participants

Marine, used to evenings at Blue Note : "It's reassuring to see that the managers of the places we frequent really take our safety to heart. Knowing that they are collaborating with AMA Prévention to put in place preventive measures allows us to fully enjoy our evenings without having to worry about the risks linked to chemical submission ."

Alexandre, regular Barathon participant : "As night owls, we are grateful to the organizers of events like those of the Barathon, who truly care about our well-being. Their commitment to preventing the risks of chemical submission shows that they take their responsibility seriously, and this strengthens our confidence in the Strasbourg nightlife scene."

Sophie, a regular at Merci Cadeau evenings : "I am pleasantly surprised to see how invested the organizers of Merci Cadeau are in the safety of their participants. The fact that they work with AMA Prévention to raise awareness and prevent the risks of submission chemical shows that they really care about our well-being. This gives me confidence to continue attending their events with complete peace of mind."

Pierre, fan of evenings at Blue Moon : "Attending an evening at Blue Moon is always a pleasant experience, even more so now that I know that the organizers are actively concerned about our safety. Their collaboration with AMA Prévention and their commitment to distributing chemical submission prevention tools show that they are committed to creating a safe party environment for all participants."

Élise, a regular at Ordinaire's evenings : "I am really grateful to the Ordinaire team for their commitment to our safety. The fact that they are working in partnership with AMA Prévention to raise awareness and prevent the risks of chemical submission shows how "They really care about their participants. This gives me great confidence to continue attending their events with complete peace of mind."

The mobilization of participants and nightlife professionals in Strasbourg against chemical submission demonstrates a collective desire to create secure and caring festive spaces for all.

Thanks to this close collaboration between the establishments and AMA Prévention, the fight against this scourge takes on a new dimension, thus offering a safer future to the participants of the Strasbourg evenings.

In conclusion, the mobilization of nightlife professionals in Strasbourg against chemical submission is an inspiring example of solidarity and commitment to the safety and well-being of the party community. While establishments such as Holacracie, Ordinaire, Le Blue Note, Merci Cadeau, Le Blue Moon, Barathon, Longevity, YAAR Kollision, Bass Couture, BE, Undersound and Subtronic have taken concrete steps by collaborating with AMA Prévention, others Actors in the nightlife scene are also encouraged to join this vital cause.

Together, by joining forces, we can strengthen chemical submission prevention and provide a safer party environment for everyone. We call on all event organizers to step up and join this important fight.

We would also like to express our deep gratitude to the participants for their unwavering support. Your commitment and vigilance are essential to creating a culture of responsibility and safety in our festive community. Thank you for being indispensable partners in this fight against chemical submission.

Together we can make a real difference and ensure that every evening is a memorable and safe experience for everyone.

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