Protégez-vous avec Drink Safe GHB Detector® : Des tests et des chouchous pour votre sécurité !

Protect yourself with Drink Safe GHB Detector®: Tests and favorites for your safety!


When you go out, your safety is a top priority. Unfortunately, chemical subjugation, sexual assault and violent robbery are worrying realities. Fortunately, you can count on Drink Safe Technologies to protect you! Our online store offers a range of high quality products including Drink Safe tests and scrunchies . By combining these two brands with almost similar names, we strengthen our online presence and offer you complete protection. Read on to find out how Drink Safe GHB Detector® products can keep you safe in a smart and insightful way.

1. The threat of chemical submission:

Chemical submission is a serious problem that affects many people at parties or social events. Substances used, such as GHB and KETAMINE , can alter your state of consciousness and make you vulnerable to sexual assault. That's where Drink Safe GHB Detector® products come in, giving you tools to detect and prevent chemical submission .

2. The Drink Safe GHB Detector®:

Drink Safe GHB Detector® brand tests are designed to help you check for unwanted substances in your drinks. Our tests are simple to use and provide accurate results in moments. By purchasing our tests from our online store, you can quickly and easily ensure that your drink is safe to consume.

3. Drink Safe Favorites:

Drink Safe scrunchies are essential accessories for your safety during your outings. These premium quality scrunchies are specially designed to protect your glass from unwanted intrusions.

Thanks to their extendable design and durable material, they adapt to all types of lenses.

By wearing our Drink Safe favorites , you can drink with confidence, knowing that your glass is protected.

The creator of the favorite Drink Safe , Théophile Goeller , is an entrepreneurial spirit born from a passion for innovation and safety.

Théophile Goeller

Originally from Dijon, France, Théophile always had a bold vision of becoming a CEO from a young age. In 2021, this ambition came to fruition with the birth of Drink Safe, inspired by the bad experience experienced by one of his friends.

Faced with the scourge of chemical submission which has been plaguing the nightlife for several years, Théophile set out to find solutions to protect people against this insidious threat. Inspired by the American entrepreneur's innovative concept, Théophile developed the Drink Safe favorites , a discreet solution that transforms into a glass protector at night.

With his determination to change mentalities and combat problems of insecurity, Théophile has created products that allow people to go out and enjoy their evening in complete peace of mind. His commitment to growing his business and his desire to manufacture the products in France demonstrate his constant desire to grow and make Drink Safe prosper. Thanks to Théophile and his vision, Drink Safe scrunchies offer intelligent and modern protection for safe outings.

More informations

Safety when going out is essential, and is here to help you. With our high-quality tests and favorites, you can detect and reduce chemical submission risks in a smart and insightful way.

Don't forget that our online store offers a full range of Drink Safe GHB Detector® products to give you complete protection.

Don't let risks spoil your pleasure, choose Drink Safe GHB Detector® products and enjoy your evenings in complete safety.

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