visuel luttons contre le fléau de la soumission chimique #mendorspas

Let's support the #Mendorspas movement against the scourge of chemical submission

While the #Mendorspas movement initiated essential awareness last May by revealing the criminal use of medicinal substances, an equally worrying reality still remains largely unknown: chemical submission within the family sphere. This pernicious form of violence operates in the shadows, far from outside eyes, in the privacy of our homes.

According to the conclusions of the latest national survey carried out by the ANSM, it is alarming to note that in the majority of cases of chemical submission, it is those close to us, whether family members or friends, who are primarily responsible. . The victims of this heinous form of abuse are often among the most vulnerable, whether they are minors, the elderly or their spouses. They suffer abuse, sometimes over a long period and repeatedly.

Medicinal substances, whether obtained by prescription or not, are most frequently used for these purposes. From anxiolytics to antiallergics, these drugs are misused for their sedative properties, plunging victims into a state of drowsiness and sometimes even amnesia, thus erasing memories of the attacks. But beyond medications, illicit and unregulated drugs are also used for their sedative, stimulant or hallucinogenic effects.

Faced with this disturbing reality, AMA Prévention is launching a call for solidarity to support the #Mendorspas movement and contribute to the deployment of a vast awareness campaign aimed at the general public and professionals. This campaign has several crucial objectives:

1. Identify the signs of chemical submission : It is essential to educate the public about the warning signs indicating possible chemical submission, so that victims and witnesses can act quickly.

2. Train professionals for better care : Medical, social and legal workers must be trained to recognize and effectively treat cases of chemical submission, thus guaranteeing better protection of victims.

3. Encourage the judicialization of cases and promote reporting : It is crucial to foster an environment where victims feel supported and encouraged to report these crimes, while ensuring that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

Your support is essential to put an end to this terrible reality which destroys lives in the privacy of our homes.

Join us in this fight for justice and the protection of the most vulnerable.

Make a donation today to help the M'endors pas association shed light on chemical submission and provide essential support to victims. Together, we can make a difference and work towards a safer and fairer world for all.

To find out more about this commitment and to support their action, visit the website:église/collectes/soumission-église-ensemble-creons-la-future-campagne-de-prevention-2024

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