Les drogues du viol : Comment se protéger avec Drink Safe GHB Detector®

Date rape drugs: How to protect yourself with Drink Safe GHB Detector®

Date rape drugs, such as GHB and ketamine , are often used without victims' knowledge to facilitate sexual assault. To help people protect themselves from these horrific crimes, the Drink Safe GHB Detector® tests can be a very effective tool.

Date rape drugs are becoming more and more widespread in parties and bars in France and Europe.

To combat this scourge, the Drink Safe GHB Detector® was developed to help people detect the presence of potentially dangerous substances in their drink.

In this article, we will present to you the different technical characteristics of the Drink Safe GHB Detector® , as well as the different formats available to better understand how to use these tests.

Technical characteristics :

The Drink Safe GHB Detector® uses patented technology to detect the presence of drugs in drinks. The tests are easy to use and provide results in just seconds.

The Drink Safe GHB Detector® is capable of detecting several types of drugs, including GHB , KETAMINE .

The Drink Safe GHB Detector® is available in various formats including business cards, customizable tri-fold flyers and coasters.

Each of these formats offers a convenient and portable solution for testing drinks.

The business card format is ideal for people who are on the go. The tests are discreet and easy to store in a wallet or purse.

Customizable tri-fold flyers are perfect for events, such as college parties, festivals and concerts. Tests can be personalized with logos and additional information.

Coasters are ideal for bars and clubs. The tests are easily accessible and can be used by customers to test their drink before consuming it.

The Drink Safe GHB Detector® is an essential tool to protect against date rape drugs. The tests are easy to use, efficient and available in different convenient formats. Whether you're on the go, at an event or in a bar, the Drink Safe GHB Detector® will allow you to check for the presence of the date rape drug in your drink in just a few seconds.

Drink smart Drink Safe

The Drink Safe GHB Detector® is a quick and easy-to-use screening test that detects the presence of GHB and KETAMINE in a drink. Results are obtained within minutes and the tests are very accurate.

There are several Drink Safe GHB Detector® test formats to suit all needs.



Drink Safe GHB Detector® cards are perfect for people looking for a test that is easy to carry and discreet to use.

Drink Safe Test 3-fold leaflet



Drink Safe GHB Detector® customizable tri-fold flyers are ideal for event organizers who want to offer their clients an easy way to protect themselves.

Under glass Drink Safe GHB Detector

Drink Safe GHB Detector® coasters are perfect for bars and clubs that want to provide additional security to their customers.

By using the Drink Safe GHB Detector® tests, you can better protect yourself against date rape drugs and prevent the risks of chemical submission.

Remember that prevention is the best defense against these abuses.

Order your Drink Safe GHB Detector® tests now from our online store and benefit from fast and discreet delivery to protect you.

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