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The scourge of GHB in Luxembourg: necessary preventive measures

Drugs in Nightclubs: The Call for Prevention

Mr. Yves Détraigne recently raised an alarming question concerning the multiplication of testimonies of people having been drugged without their knowledge with GHB in nightclubs in Luxembourg. This situation, which has become popular thanks to movements like #balancetonbar , personalities such as Caroline Darian or Sandrine Josso , highlights the crucial importance of prevention in nightlife venues. Testimonies from alleged victims have amplified awareness of the risks of chemical submission in nightlife establishments, highlighting the need to adopt proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of patrons.

GHB: A Risky Drug

GHB , nicknamed the " rapist drug ", is a potentially dangerous substance. It is odorless and can be easily dissolved in a drink, causing victims to lose consciousness. Its volatility makes investigations complex, and its use is increasing.

Coordinated Action

Experts stress that coordinated action is needed to combat the use of GHB in nightclubs, involving prevention, limiting the drug supply and raising public awareness.

The Appeal to the Authorities

Luxembourg's Interior Ministry is called upon to take concrete measures to protect consumers in nightclubs, strengthening prevention and awareness efforts, and limiting the supply of drugs.

The Situation in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, GHB is also present on the black market, despite the efforts of the authorities to combat its consumption. Awareness and collaboration between authorities and nightlife establishments are essential.

Addiction Prevention and Treatment

A focus on prevention and treatment of GHB addiction is crucial, with rehabilitation and support programs available to help people overcome their addiction.

Preventing drug-related risks in nightclubs is crucial to ensuring the safety of patrons. With this in mind, the use of tools such as the Drink Safe GHB Detector is of paramount importance. These detectors allow individuals to discreetly test their drinks, providing an extra layer of security by quickly identifying the presence of potentially dangerous substances like GHB or Ketamine.

In addition, glass protective covers are another essential prevention measure. By preventing the intrusion of substances into drinks, they considerably reduce the risks of involuntary ingestion of dangerous substances. Their simple use and reusable nature make them a practical and accessible tool for all customers of nightlife establishments.

The Drink Safe anti-drug glass protection favorites also complete this prevention strategy. By providing an additional barrier between the beverage and the outside environment, they help protect customers from attempts to tamper with their beverages. With these proactive measures, guests can enjoy their evening with peace of mind, knowing they have taken precautions for their own safety.

The combined use of this prevention equipment constitutes an effective means of reducing the risks associated with the consumption of drinks in nightlife entertainment venues. By encouraging their widespread use, we can help create a safer and more secure environment for all nightclub patrons.


GHB remains a dangerous drug, requiring concerted action to limit its access and raise public awareness of its dangers. Addiction prevention, awareness and treatment are essential elements to ensure the safety and well-being of all.

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