La soumission chimique : une menace sous-estimée dans notre société

Chemical submission: an underestimated threat in our society

Every year, many people, especially women, are victims of chemical submission , a heinous act that involves the use of substances to drug individuals without their knowledge to commit sexual assault. While the dangers of "rapist drugs" have been publicized in recent years, chemical submission by a loved one remains largely unknown and underestimated in France. This shocking reality requires collective awareness and preventive measures to protect potential victims.

An unknown problem:

According to Caroline Darian , head of the “Don't fall asleep” awareness campaign, the majority of victims of chemical submission are unaware. She herself discovered that her father had drugged her mother for a decade to abuse her and hand her over, unconscious, to other men.

However, during medical consultations, toxicological analyzes are often not carried out, leaving victims without tangible proof and deprived of justice. Public authorities must do more to train doctors to detect these cases and offer appropriate support to victims who wish to file a complaint.

The efforts of the National Medicines Safety Agency:

The National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) lists each year the molecules used by attackers in the context of chemical submission. This collection of information makes it possible to propose measures aimed at limiting the diversion of medicines, for example by strengthening the conditions for dispensing certain substances. The ANSM also collaborates with medical experts to develop innovative solutions, such as adding colorings to certain medications to reduce the risk of abuse.

Alarming figures:

Statistics reveal that several hundred cases of drug-facilitated aggression are recorded each year. In 2020, 539 cases were recorded, and this number reached 727 in 2021. In 11% of situations, we can speak of probable chemical submission , where the victim is drugged without their knowledge , usually with sedatives such as anxiolytics and hypnotics. Victims often discover reality by making the connection between unexplained symptoms and disturbing elements, such as blackouts followed by waking up naked.

A call for awareness and action:

It is important to emphasize that the few dozen cases officially recorded probably represent only a fraction of the reality. Filing a complaint remains difficult for victims of sexual assault, and even more complex when the victim suffers from amnesia or permanent doubts about what happened. Raising awareness among the general public, better training of health professionals and increased support for victims are essential measures to combat this scourge.

AMA’s commitments (Ask me anything!)

In the fight against chemical submission risks, initiatives such as the one proposed by play a crucial role.

As a committed company, it provides consumers with prevention and awareness tools in festive environments. The distribution of glass hoods and Drink Safe GHB Detector® provides additional protection to partygoers. These devices allow individuals to take control of their safety by checking their drinks for the presence of potentially dangerous substances.

Thanks to these preventive measures, helps create a safer festive environment where participants can enjoy their evening in peace, without fear of the risks of chemical submission . By making partygoers aware of potential dangers and providing them with concrete ways to protect themselves, this company plays a vital role in preventing sexual assault and promoting a culture of consent.

The solutions offered by the online shop

The online shop offers a complete range of solutions to prevent the risks of chemical submission .

Among these solutions is the Drink Safe GHB Detector® , offering users a simple and reliable way to check for the presence of these potentially dangerous substances in their drinks.

Additionally, the shop also offers anti-intrusion silicone glass covers , providing additional protection by preventing unauthorized access to your drink.

Drink Safe anti-drug scrunchies are also available, allowing you to easily and discreetly cover your glass to prevent any contamination attempts.

Saliva and urine screening tests from renowned brands such as the TODA PHARMA laboratory, allowing users to detect the presence of drugs in their body with precision and ease of use.

These comprehensive solutions offered by the online store help to reinforce the safety and peace of mind of users, helping them to take active measures to prevent the risks of chemical submission during their festive outings.

Chemical submission remains an underestimated threat in our society. The victims of these despicable acts often suffer in silence, facing difficulties in obtaining justice and recognition. It is essential to increase awareness around this problem and encourage authorities to act. By educating the public about the dangers of chemical submission , increasing training for medical professionals, and providing tailored support for victims, we can hope to create a safer environment for everyone. Together, we can combat this threat and offer a glimmer of hope to victims of chemical subjugation .

Source: Latest News from Alsace

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