Garantir la Sécurité au Travail avec les Tests de Dépistage de Drogue : Un Engagement d'AMA Prevention

Ensuring Workplace Safety with Drug Testing: An AMA Prevention Commitment

Safety and health at work are top priorities for any responsible company. French legislation, in particular article L4122-1 of the Labor Code, requires employers to take all necessary measures to ensure a safe working environment. An essential part of this responsibility includes preventing the use of psychoactive substances, such as drugs, in the workplace. At AMA Prevention, we are committed to helping businesses meet this obligation with our reliable and effective drug testing.

Why Drug Testing is Essential

Drug testing is an essential tool for ensuring workplace safety. Their use allows you to:

  • Preventing workplace accidents : Employees under the influence of drugs can endanger their own safety as well as that of their colleagues. The use of psychoactive substances can lead to alterations in motor and cognitive abilities, such as reduced reflexes, loss of coordination and erroneous judgments. These effects significantly increase the risk of accidents, especially in work environments where the use of machinery, handling hazardous substances or performing complex tasks is common. By incorporating regular drug testing, employers can detect and prevent drug use, ensuring a safer work environment for everyone.
  • Maintain a productive work environment : Drug use can impair employees' cognitive and physical abilities, thereby affecting their performance and productivity. Psychoactive substances can cause concentration problems, memory problems, increased fatigue and unpredictable behavior. These effects harm not only the individual using the drug, but also the entire team, potentially creating delays, errors, and a general decrease in work efficiency. By using drug testing, companies can identify employees under the influence of drugs and take appropriate steps to maintain a productive and harmonious work environment.
  • Comply with the legislation : In accordance with article L4122-1 of the Labor Code, companies must ensure that no employee works under the influence of psychoactive substances. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in sanctions for the employer, as well as legal consequences in the event of accidents related to drug use. By implementing drug testing policies, employers demonstrate their commitment to following the law and protecting the health and safety of their employees. This also helps reduce the risk of litigation and maintains the company's reputation as a responsible employer who cares about the well-being of its workers.

Our Range of Screening Tests

At AMA Prevention, we offer a full range of drug testing tailored to business needs:

    The DRUGDIAG Saliva Range

    The DRUGDIAG Saliva range offers different types of tests to detect up to 6 drugs:

    • DRUGDIAG Saliva THC (Cannabis)

    TODA Pharma solutions are manufactured in France in Strasbourg (67), ISO 13485 certified, and comply with rigorous quality controls to guarantee optimal performance.


    Investing in drug testing is a proactive step for any company concerned about the health and safety of its employees. At AMA Prevention, we provide reliable and accurate screening solutions, manufactured in France, to help businesses meet their legal obligations and maintain a safe and productive work environment. To learn more about our products and how they can meet your specific needs, please visit our website or contact our sales department.

    Stay informed and protected with AMA Prévention, your trusted partner for workplace safety.

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