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How does a THC saliva test (or cannabis saliva test) work?

It is very easy to use a THC saliva test to detect the presence of THC cannabis in the body. Whether to prevent roadside checks, a drug self-test can be done at home. However, you must pay attention to the precision of the test you wish to carry out.

What is a THC saliva test?

Detecting the level of cannabis in saliva

As you certainly know, when we consume THC (the active molecule of Cannabis , scientifically called Tetrahydrocannabinol ), it is possible to detect this substance in our body several hours or even days after consumption . Your saliva is one of the easiest places to detect your THC levels! Cannabinoid molecules can be detected there for up to 72 hours.

Different forms of testing

Several types of tests have emerged that can detect the presence and content of THC in our body . There are THC blood tests , THC saliva tests , THC urine tests or even hair follicle (hair!) tests . All these means have the same objective, but they can be carried out in different contexts depending on the number of days for which we wish to determine whether there has been a presence of cannabis in the body . We know, for example, that for cannabinoids (THC), they remain 24 to 48 hours in the blood , up to 72 hours in saliva , 30 days in urine , and up to 90 days in your hair !

What is a THC saliva test used for and who can use it?

Measure your THC level at a given time

Screening for cannabis using a saliva test is one of the most widespread and used methods today. It combines the practicality of the test , ease of use and the speed of results !

Anyone can find out their saliva THC level very quickly, no matter where you are. It is not uncommon to see this type of testing at festivals, organized parties, leaving nightclubs, or even in the glove boxes of cars. The primary purpose of this test is for you to be able to quickly determine whether you are positive for cannabis or not.

Used during road checks by law enforcement.

We told you about it, the practical side of THC saliva tests suits everyone. It is therefore no coincidence that the police have chosen to use this process during road checks ... Even if these police screening tests are carried out, in general, with a reason behind them.

    • Your condition may raise suspicions that you may have taken narcotics.
    • You have had an accident with material damage or harm to the integrity of a third party.
    • You have committed a traffic violation .
    • A massive screening campaign was organized during a particular period.

Since blood tests are difficult to apply on site during a roadside check, and urine tests are impractical under the same conditions (we'll let you imagine why...) it is rather logical that saliva tests are preferred.

How can I test myself with a THC saliva test?

The simplicity of a drug self-test

We tell you again, anyone can test for THC using a saliva test ! It's simple as hello !

  1. Have a new THC saliva test on hand.
  2. Activate salivation (a fancy word for saying that you have to salivate!)
  3. Take the THC saliva test out of its protective bag.
  4. Put the end of the test strip in your mouth and place your tongue on the absorbent part.
  5. Stay in this position and wait for the saliva to reach the “C” and “T” lines of the result.
  6. Take the saliva test out of your mouth and close it with the cap.
  7. Wait a few minutes and analyze the result.

Tutorial: How to perform a Toda Pharma Drugdiag saliva test

You will find a video that explains step by step how to carry out the test .

Interpret the saliva test result

THC saliva test read result

When you have completed the test, a colored band appears next to the C. Below this line, you have another line with a T.

If you see a colored band next to the T it means you are negative for THC.

In the event that no bar appears next to the T (but you still see the one at C) this means that you are positive !

The test is insignificant if no line appears or only the test line (T) appears.

Simple, right?

When to take the cannabis drug test

You can do it at any time. However, we advise you to do your saliva test when it is the most “opportune” time, that is to say before hitting the road. You will then be reassured about driving safely but also about avoiding finding yourself in an unfortunate situation when faced with a police check.

As we explained to you above, your THC level is detectable in saliva for up to 72 hours so it would be interesting to carry out this test within 3 days after taking the narcotic. Your license, your life or the lives of others are at stake so take the necessary measures in advance.

How accurate should a THC saliva test be?

15 ng/ml, 50 ng/ml, choose the useful precision rate.

It is essential to know that not all THC saliva tests are created equal on the market. Largely due to the precision that these will give you, which varies depending on the test you choose (brand, standards, origins of the test, etc.).

Indeed, you will find several levels of precision in these; which calculate nanograms of THC molecules per milliliter of saliva (ng/ml).

There are tests that have a maximum accuracy of 50 ng/ml , which gives you an indication, however keep in mind that tests used by law enforcement have an accuracy of 15 ng/ml.

What level of precision do we need for a traffic stop?

If you do not want to have unpleasant surprises, we advise you to go for tests with the same degree of precision as those of the gendarmerie. Indeed, in France, the maximum authorized legal detection threshold for THC in saliva is 15 ng/ml.

It would therefore be unfortunate to carry out a test with a precision of 50 ng/ml which would give you a negative result but which would exceed, without you knowing it, the level of 15 nanograms per milliliter...

We have also devoted an entire article to why you should choose the precision and compliance of a THC saliva test!

Where can I find THC saliva tests?

Buy a self-test in pharmacy

You will find THC saliva tests in pharmacies. It is also possible to find urine tests, less practical of course, but still available.

Buy a THC saliva test online on

buy thc saliva test toda pharma

You can actually, legally purchase THC saliva tests online and receive them at your home. However, we advise you to choose your test carefully , so that it complies with ISO 13485 standards and CE standards which will certify you of their manufacturing quality but also of their degree of precision (remember, tests with a precision of 15ng/ml are very strongly recommended ).

Our exclusive products have passed all the necessary tests and standards to satisfy people who want to have complete peace of mind during a cannabis test.

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