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Awareness Campaign in Quebec: Fight against GHB Poisoning

Towards a Safer City: Awareness and Prevention against GHB Poisoning in Quebec

In Quebec, police officers are engaging in an awareness campaign among bar owners in order to prevent GHB poisoning, also known as the date rape drug, which occurs without the victims' knowledge. This initiative aims to address a crime that is still too little reported, but considered by some bar owners as a real scourge.

The duo of police officers went to the Ozone, a bar on the Grande Allée, at 10 a.m. The place is deserted. Officers from the ACCES alcohol unit of the Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) meet with Émile Lebel, the owner, to discuss the measures to take to limit the risks of involuntary intoxication of customers.

Émile Lebel, aware of the seriousness of the situation, is receptive to the police officers' message. Having himself been confronted with numerous cases of GHB intoxication, he describes this problem as a “scourge” that he must manage on a regular basis.

Despite frequent interventions by its security team during the pandemic, GHB- related incidents are still present, although less frequent. The police nevertheless assure Mr. Lebel that his visit is not due to any suspicion of his establishment, but that it is part of a series of similar meetings.

Victims of GHB poisoning, mainly young women, lose consciousness inside or outside bars, often when they close. It is often difficult to determine where and when they were drugged.

Despite the precautions taken, such as the presence of a security team and searches at the entrance, Émile Lebel recognizes that it is difficult to eliminate all risks. The changing and busy conditions of the bars complicate the task. He expresses the challenge and concern of seeing clients return home in a worrying state.

This awareness campaign highlights the importance of collaboration between police authorities and bar owners to prevent incidents linked to GHB intoxication. Awareness and vigilance are essential to guarantee the safety and well-being of customers.

Use of Prevention Devices: An Effective Approach

To effectively counter the scourge of GHB poisoning in Quebec bars, the use of prevention devices proves to be an effective approach. Among these tools, the Drink Safe GHB Detector , drug glass protectors and glass protectors play a crucial role.

The Drink Safe GHB Detector is an innovative device that detects the presence of GHB in a drink. Simply place a drop of the liquid to be tested on the detector, and it reacts by changing color if traces of GHB are detected. This tool provides a quick and easy method for customers to check the safety of their drinks before consuming them, providing peace of mind from the risk of poisoning.

Drink Safe anti-drug glass protectors are discreet but effective accessories. Placed on top of glasses, they prevent any attempt to discreetly pour a substance into a person's drink. These small devices are therefore a practical way to prevent attempted poisoning with GHB and other dangerous substances in bars.

In addition, glass protection hoods , also called "covers", are another important precautionary measure. They are placed on top of the glasses, providing a physical barrier against any attempt at contamination. These hoods provide additional protection to customers by reducing the risk of ingestion of unwanted substances.

By integrating these prevention measures into their daily practices, bar owners can contribute significantly to the fight against GHB poisoning and other dangerous substances . These tools not only provide additional protection to customers, but they also reinforce establishments' commitment to the safety and well-being of their customers. By working together to promote the use of these devices, the Quebec bar community can take proactive steps to prevent and reduce chemical submission incidents.

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