Assurer la sécurité des événements : Protégez vos clients des dangers invisibles avec nos solutions de prévention

Ensure event safety: Protect your customers from invisible dangers with our prevention solutions

When organizing events, the safety of your participants is paramount. This article highlights the invisible dangers faced by professionals in the nightlife and events industry, with a focus on chemical submission.

Find out how our innovative prevention solutions can help you prevent the intrusion of dangerous substances and guarantee the safety of your customers during your events.

Drink Safe anti-drug scrunchies

Drink Safe scrunchies offer a practical and discreet solution to prevent unwanted substances from entering drinks.

Made with food grade materials, these scrunchies are easily placed on glasses and create an effective protective barrier.

Their ingenious design allows customers to keep an eye on their drink while protecting it from attempts to introduce harmful substances. With Drink Safe scrunchies you can guarantee the safety and peace of mind of your customers during your events.

Rapid detection of hazardous substances with the Drink Safe Test®

Drink Safe Test leaflet

The Drink Safe Test® is a rapid detection tool for GHB and Ketamine in drinks. It only takes a few drops of the drink to be tested to obtain a reliable result in a few minutes.

By offering this test to your customers, you allow them to check for the presence of these potentially dangerous substances and take immediate action if necessary. This proactive measure enhances the security of your event and provides peace of mind to your attendees.

Opt for prevention and preserve the health of your customers thanks to the Drink Safe Test® .

Prevent intrusions and spills with AMA (Ask me anything!)® glass hoods

AMA (Ask me anything!)® glass hoods are essential accessories to prevent unwanted intrusion into drinks during your events. Made of flexible and reusable silicone, they easily adapt to different types of glasses. Not only do they prevent the introduction of unwanted substances, but they are also practical for preventing accidental spills.

By using AMA (Ask me anything!)® glass hoods, you provide a worry-free experience for your customers by maintaining the integrity of their drinks throughout the evening.

Security is an essential element when organizing events. With our prevention solutions, such as Drink Safe® favourites, the Drink Safe Test® and AMA (Ask me anything!)® glass hoods, you can prevent the intrusion of dangerous substances and ensure the safety of your customers.

Prioritize safety, earn your audience's trust, and create memorable events. For safe and successful events, choose our prevention solutions.

Keep your customers safe and enjoy your events knowing you've taken all necessary steps to prevent unseen dangers.

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