AMA Prevention: Our commitment



Who are we ?

AMA Prévention , your trusted partner in the distribution of drug testing solutions, is based in Strasbourg, France. We specialize in providing saliva and urine tests, as well as protective solutions to avoid the risks of being unknowingly drugged. Our clients thus have the opportunity to screen themselves and prevent the risks associated with drug consumption.

At AMA Prévention , we understand the importance of road safety and workplace protection. Our screening tests are an essential tool for individuals concerned about their well-being, allowing them to take preventative measures to avoid positive tests by law enforcement and possible prosecution. We are not only a distribution company, but also advocates for drug harm prevention.

In addition to our commitment to drug-related harm prevention, we are determined to combat chemical submission. Our solutions include specific tests aimed at detecting substances associated with this risk, thereby strengthening the safety of individuals in various contexts.

We collaborate with event organizers, bringing our presence and expertise through awareness stands in festive settings. We believe in the autonomy of individuals to make informed decisions regarding their health and safety. Explore our range of drug testing solutions and engage with us for a safer future.

Products and Partnerships

We are proud to be an authorized distributor of premium quality products including:

  • Toda Pharma : CE and ISO 13485 certified saliva and urine screening tests.
  • Drink Safe : Innovative solutions for the prevention of chemical submissions.
  • Freedrive : Chemical breathalyzers without a balloon.
  • Ethyloborne : Electronic breathalyzer terminals, rewarded for their innovation in road safety.

    Our engagement

    • Road Safety : Our products help prevent positive checks by law enforcement.
    • Prevention in Festive Environments : We raise public awareness during events, reinforcing everyone's safety.
    • Ecological Solutions : Use of biodegradable materials for a responsible and sustainable approach.


    AMA Prevention is dedicated to providing reliable and innovative screening solutions, ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers every step of the way.


    Our commitments: A mission of prevention and safety


    At the heart of nightlife and festive events, the safety and well-being of participants are paramount. It is with this in mind that our company, AMA Prévention , is committed to offering innovative and effective solutions to guarantee peaceful and risk-free evenings.

    Explore our range of drug testing and drug-related risk protection solutions, suitable for both everyday life and the workplace. Discover our prevention initiatives specially designed for young people, aimed at reducing risks and preventing addiction. Find out about government actions to prevent addiction. Get involved in the prevention of addictions in the workplace with our adapted solutions. Together, let's act for a future without addiction.

    Key figures on drug and alcohol consumption among young people in France (until 2021)



    • Regular consumption of cannabis : Around 11% of young people aged 17 say they have used cannabis at least 10 times per month.

    • Experimentation with illicit drugs : Nearly 44% of 17-year-olds have already experimented with an illicit drug, cannabis being the most common.

    • Accidents linked to consumption : Drug consumption is involved in nearly 23% of fatal road accidents among young people.

    • Most abused drugs : Cannabis remains the illicit drug most consumed by young people, followed by cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines.

    • Festive environment : In festive environments, particularly raves and festivals, nearly 60% of participants report having used an illicit drug.

      Alcohol Consumption in France

      • Regular alcohol consumption : Around 24% of French people aged 18 to 75 say they consume alcohol at least once a week.

      • Binge drinking : Nearly 16% of 17-year-olds say they have engaged in binge drinking at least once a month.

      • Alcohol-related accidents : Alcohol is involved in nearly 30% of fatal road accidents in France.

      • Prevalence of alcohol among young people : Around 60% of 17-year-olds have already consumed alcohol, often in party settings.

      It is important to note that these figures are estimates based on various surveys and studies carried out until 2021. For more recent and detailed figures, we recommend that you consult official sources or specialized organizations such as the OFDT (Observatoire French Drugs and Addiction).

      It is important to note that these figures are estimates based on various surveys and studies carried out until 2021. For more recent and detailed figures, I recommend that you consult official sources or specialized organizations such as the OFDT (Observatoire French Drugs and Addiction).

      A significant presence on the ground


      Our prevention stands, run by dedicated volunteers, have become essential spaces during many events. These stands are not simple kiosks, but places of exchange, awareness and information. Thanks to our trained volunteers, we have been able to reach thousands of people, providing them with valuable advice and tools to protect themselves.

      Our concrete actions


      At each event, we distribute hundreds of free Drink Safe GHB Detector tests to detect the presence of unwanted substances in drinks. More than 500 tests and 500 glass hoods were distributed during our latest interventions. In addition, we also offer breathalyzers to encourage responsible driving after the festivities, condoms to promote healthy and protected relationships, as well as earplugs to preserve participants' hearing during loud music. These mass distributions demonstrate not only the effectiveness of our products, but also our deep commitment to the safety and well-being of the festive community.

      Our communication on social networks also plays a crucial role. We raise public awareness of the various risks that can be encountered during festivities, and we regularly share advice on how to avoid accidents linked to drug and alcohol consumption.

      Our collaborations


      We are extremely proud of our close collaborations with major players in the associative world. These strong partnerships allow us not only to expand our reach, but also to strengthen the significant impact of our actions on the ground. During each intervention, our stands, completely free for participants, become points of convergence where information, prevention and awareness come together. Our activities, designed to be both educational and engaging, were warmly received by participants, testifying to the relevance and effectiveness of our approach.

      We have marked our presence at major and recognized events, including the Bass Couture festival, Ordinaire , Merci Cadeau , Subtronic, Yaar , C la Teuf, Boat'n'Sound, Be, Undersound , and the Barathon extending from Mulhouse in Strasbourg. Each presence reinforces our mission and our commitment to creating a safer and informed festive environment for all.

      Our volunteers: The heart of our mission


      The team of volunteers, made up of nurses, care assistants and chemistry graduates, is truly the beating heart of our organization. Lara, Cindy, Manon, Robin, Pauline, Martin, Ludovic and Ewenn are not just names on a list, but enthusiasts who, thanks to their dedication, their expertise and their ability to communicate, have greatly contributed to the success of our missions in the field.

      At each event, they engaged in numerous interactions with those in attendance, offering valuable information, answering questions and dispelling myths surrounding alcohol and drug use. Their approach, combining professionalism and human warmth, made it possible to create a bond of trust with the participants. These interactions not only raised public awareness of the risks, but also reinforced the idea that prevention is everyone's business. Thanks to these discussions, many participants left better informed and more aware of the issues linked to their festive choices.



      We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the associations with which we have had the privilege of collaborating. Each of them, from Longevity to Bass Couture, including Ordinaire, Merci Cadeau, Yaar, C la Teuf, Boat'n'Sound, Be, Undersound, and the Barathon de Mulhouse in Strasbourg, demonstrated sensitivity and acute awareness of the risks in a festive environment. Their proactive commitment to prevention and safety was a key factor in ensuring that each event took place without incident.

      Their willingness to collaborate with us and secure their events demonstrates the importance they place on prevention and kindness towards their audience. We are proud of this synergy which has made it possible to create safer festive environments for everyone. A big thank you also to our dedicated volunteers and all those who support our cause, because without them, these fruitful collaborations would not have been possible.