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Attacks by chemical submission in France: an imminent government mission

MP Sandrine Josso 's call to launch a government mission to document attacks by chemical submission has been heard. As attacks of this type increase and remain poorly documented, this initiative promises to shed essential light on a growing problem.

In January, the elected official from Loire-Atlantique filed a complaint against senator Joël Guerriau , accusing him of having drugged her without her knowledge. His return to the National Assembly was marked by an urgent request to Gabriel Attal , Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, for a serious investigation to be carried out into these increasingly common, but too common, attacks. often ignored.

In intimate circles, within groups of friends and in party environments, the “ rapist drug ” causes considerable damage. Abusers who use this method seek to sexually or financially abuse their victims, depriving them of the ability to react or even be aware of what is happening to them. In most cases, women are the targets.

The government is committed to shedding light on these crimes by launching an official mission, which will be led by MP Sandrine Josso . This initiative will last approximately six months and will be carried out in close collaboration with the association "M'endors pas" , of which Sandrine Josso is the godmother.

The main objective of this mission is to give victims a voice and improve their care. By interviewing a large number of victims, as well as health professionals and experts, the government team hopes to gather valuable information to better understand the phenomenon and propose effective solutions.

“Our goal at the end of this mission is that for the victims there will be no second fight following their attack,” explains Sandrine Josso’s entourage. The objective is to put an end to the isolation and impunity of victims, by offering them adequate support from the start of their justice journey.

This mission represents an important step in the fight against attacks by chemical submission . By giving victims a voice and putting them at the heart of the process, the government hopes to make the changes needed to put an end to these heinous crimes and provide victims with the justice they deserve.

As part of this government mission, it is crucial to emphasize the need for victims to have access to tools for detecting substances used during chemical submission attacks . These tools, such as saliva and urine screening tests , allow victims to take a proactive approach by quickly identifying the presence of potentially dangerous substances. By empowering victims to detect these substances, we provide them with a path to protection and justice, strengthening their power over their own health and well-being.

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